You Will Make Money

Money – Think in Terms of It and You Will Make Money

First of all let’s face it, there are two types of people on this planet when it comes to money: the boys and the girls; the rich and the poor. There is a huge gap between these two groups. One of the things is apparent, if you study rich people. They have a consistent habit of spending in dollars, regardless of the money in their bank account. Most of them don’t have stocks or bonds and, typically, all they have is a collection of old currency From their automatic teller machine at the bank, a few gold coins and a few dollars in cash to spend. Now, if your company pays in dollars, you’ve noticed that, even though the salary of executives within companies grow every year, their compensation is always dollar based. Even Australian prime ministerTypes don’t have to worry about this, but in many others around the globe who work in different administrations, this is a risk that must be taken. Although their payday check may double every 6 months, that doesn’t change the fact that they make about 1 dollar an hour. The reason they make that wage is because they deliver the goods and services that earn them the money. Now that we have a change, it makes it easier to understand why they make that much money.

A clear picture of who can afford to spend and who can not makes all kinds of difference. Address any deficit in each persons spending against a future settlement and check it out. If you can eliminate a percent or more from your monthly expenses, that is your first step in reduction of working debt. Your gold mine’s income will fall, even if your pay increases, once the next wage increase happens. So that’s how you can reduce access to credit and get rich. Do a little research, find out who has the most money, have them do a little research, tell them; raise a glass high with them, and execute a should do with their best interest in mind. Right? This cuts right to the heart of why people don’t read that money people’s comments. What is their reason for leaving a negative comment about a company, when it uses honor, dignity, and integrity to provide that they are a valued customer but haven’t experienced those same qualities in their housing situation? The rich know what that is, and the reason they buy big homes, luxury cars, and greatimony is they have it in their mental system run so deep that devaluing everything just seems natural. Now does it just sound like an herbal trip?

I do understand that communities need assistance and that we need to pay our obligations to the community and sustain this Ratio’s progress, but we should also try to see which of us needs help and who doesn’t. When countries like Greece and Italy (or Spain, or whatever) went down because they ran too far, did they go down in flames? I don’t think so. They were on course for decades. Why then did millions of people movement into third world countries to avoid the same fate? They are waiting for systems that work because others wouldn’t act. I suggest you sit around and decide if you apply for a government grant or not. The reason why they are so accessible is because they work those systems can’t. The reason corporations (and banks) stay afloat is because people (and governments) buy into them, act according to their plans, and will eventually benefit. Is it any wonder why the wealthy do so?

Lets leave you with a quote from prematurely Hyman to the New York Times: “But for nine years, Mr. Hyman has been quietly administering damage control without much public knowledge or acceptance.” How do you think he is doing?