Niche Market

The Waste of Niche Market and the SMART Way to Stick All Over

Niche Market – Have you ever really thought about avoiding the niche thing? That should be the first thing you do when you try to market your business. However, the one thing that I want to show you right now is that it can be bad for your business.

How something simple could help you to succeed and how something so simple could hurt your business. You want to avoid the mistakes that a lot of business owners make and the constant tweaking of the marketing that they do.

Niche Market – It’s been proven time and time again that a lot of small business owners have a really difficult time holding on to their prospects once they get them. You have probably heard of people who cold call and try to sell to your prospects… they’re trying to sell to hill base… so you go into your marketing and let people grab at you.

Does this make sense?

You see this all the time and I mean it every single time. Whenever I see business owners, in whatever niche, trying to sell to me, I get a bad vibe. And I usually end up saying something like, “Who the heck wants this person? ”

Mean nothing.

If you think about the product that this person is selling to me, If I don’t see all the ways that this thing can make my life a little better, would I have a right to be holding on to a product that I know is just a pain in my butt where it’s hanging onto my list of things to sell?

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After all of this, you can see why some people wouldn’t sell to you in a niche. In the end, it comes down to what your niche is.

If you only have ONE means a day… instead of a dozen.

Niche Market

The highs and lows of every small business owner make their impact on this issue, so what I want to give you here is what I think this means:

Niche Market – You’ll want to make sure that you don’t take the things that I mention here and start selling to all of your prospects. You want direct people with extreme desire, and you want people who want to take action on this direct opportunity.

Sure, you can sell to people who are interested or have a “need” for your opportunity. You can sell to people who have a life of their own to lead them to a life of their own…

But the ultimate truth is that you want to make sure that you get in front of only the people succeeding at success. The resourceful people, people who can take action on things they know they need to do, people who are like where your product is going to take them.

If you sell to everyone, you’ll spend a lot of money on advertising, and then you have to hopefully get a few high-end leads to supply to your prospects. How do you generate this kind of lead? By being seen as a leader in the niche. You want to make sure that this is something that experience has taught you to do perfectly well, otherwise, you’re just selling MLM via gimmicks and don’t have a great product.

So what do you consider an emerging leader in your niche? Why should someone pay you to coach them in the areas of human nature, and product marketing? This is the first step to making this shift in your business. You’re not giving a sales pitch to your family member or a friend… you’re asking questions, and you’re promising to listen to them.

This is a simple spectrum to go through and the more that you can completely define your niche, the easier this process will get for you.. and your business.

Good luck with marketing and developing your niche today.

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