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Keystroke Logger (Keystroke Recording Software) Mac Log Manager – (Keylogger software for mac os x)
Advance Keystroke Logger (Keystroke Recording and Visual Surveillance)  

Keystroke Logger Keystroke Logger (Keystroke Recording Software) Only $45
Different questions may start coming in your mind when your PC is used by someone else. Is it safe to trust anyone when allowed to use your PC? You may be curious to know what is done on your computer (especially by your family members or friends) in your absence. Worried about their activities, use Key logger software and expose the truth. Now you can easily record entire keystroke activities with the use of perfect and easy to use keystroke logger software. Best solution to easily detect what is happening on your PC behind your back in hidden way. This simple and easy to use keylogger utility records each and every keystroke details with the timing when event took place.

Advance Keystroke Logger Advance Keystroke Logger (Keystroke Recording and Visual Surveillance) Only $49
Now with the use of extremely powerful Advance key logger software you can secretly record all activities on computer in hidden way. Enhanced with most effective way for computer surveillance family keylogger software records what all activities took place in your absence? PC monitoring program is best preferred by both professional security administrators and concern parents. Software records each and every PC activities including keystroke details, Internet details, Captures snapshots, Voice chat conversations and other similar activities in hidden encrypted log file. Easy to learn and operate and you will not be requiring any specific software technology or hardware to install and use it.

Mac Log Manager Mac Log Manager (Keylogger software for mac os x) Only $45
Monitoring software for mac is perfectly designed to record and capture each and every activity performed on Apple Mac machine in complete stealth mode. Comprehensive and easy to use keylogger mac records computer activities including keystroke details, clipboard contents, USB device insertions and capture screenshots at regular interval of time.
Perfect designed and useful for Parents, Managers, School and College administration to keep eye on various system and internet activities in safe and secure mode. Download mac freeware key logger and evaluate complete features and working capabilities.

  Parental Control Program to discover internet activities of your family members

What is Invisible Family Keylogger Software:

Family Keylogger Software is used to record each and every activity performed by your family members on PC in your absence.

Why you need keystroke logger for your family

"Safeguard Online Dangers by recording voice chat conversations, keyword searches and visited websites details of your children and other family members and discover what they doing on internet"

Why Our Family Keylogger Software

Easy and simple to use! Does not affect the performance of your PC! It will not require any specific technical knowledge to use it and lastly protect your children with the risk involved in excessive use of internet and find what is happening on your PC right now.

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